5 easy steps to regain your Instagram feed

Instagram has made significant changes to its user experience in the past few months (and also rolled back/reduced some of them due to major public pushback).   If you are on Instagram, you might have noticed some changes to the app lately (which you might

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The 100 day project (2022 version)

In 2022 – like the previous three years – I joined #the100dayproject, a global 100-day project initiative. In this post, I share what I learned from my earlier (successful and not so successful) 100-day projects and what rules I set myself for this round of

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100 days of exploring (in 2021)

It’s go-time. Earlier this week – for the third year in a row – I joined #the100dayproject, a global 100 day project initiative. For those not familiar with the 100-day project: it’s basically doing/creating/making something specific (whatever you choose) for 100 consecutive days. This could

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