Sneak peek: new introductory online class (coming soon)

Sneak peek: new introductory online class (coming soon)

My new entry-level block printing class will be released later this week. I am super excited about this class as it is tailored to give you a quick start into stamp carving and block printing with ink pads on paper:

I will lead you step by step to your finished stamp and print, covering:

  • understanding how block printing works,
  • picking your tools & materials,
  • getting to know your carving tools,
  • understanding of how to prepare a design for block printing,
  • transferring your design onto the carving block,
  • carving and cutting down your stamp,
  • making your first block prints and
  • cleaning your stamps.

At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to carve your own stamps, vary your designs, and create prints using ink pads.

Even if you want to move to printing on fabric later on, knowing how to carve your stamps and print on paper are the basics you want to have down first. Every time I print on fabric, I test my design on paper first before I move onto fabric. 

And here comes a little sneak peek

Class will release on Thursday, July 13 in English & German.

Members of my email list will get notified when the class releases (and profit from the time-limited early bird offer).

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