Repeat Patterns Deep Dive 2 – a live online workshop series

This 3-part Deep Dive 2 is a new addition to the Repeat Pattern Deep Dive series and builds upon the first Deep Dive workshop series. This workshop is exclusively for “graduates” of the Deep Dive 1 series

#SimplyBlockPrinting - Repeat Patterns Deep Dive 2 - a block printing live online workshop series

In this Deep Dive 2, we will take up topics from Deep Dive 1 and deepen them. We will also discuss topics that we might only have lightly touched in the first workshop series and go into more detail.  


In more detail, we will be diving into

  • Working with the blocks you already have (print variations/pattern play) and adding onto them
  • Curved block shapes – part 2
  • Other non-standard shapes (improving blocks/how to make your own block shapes and make them repeat)
  • Making multi-block repeat patterns


Deep Dive 2 will again touch all aspects of the block printing skills, and you will be able to level up your block printing skills:

  • Designing (repeat) blocks
  • Carving skills
  • Block printing repeat patterns 
  • Working with color

And there will be – of course – be enough time for your questions (as in any of my workshops).


We get to spend 3 evenings (or afternoons or mornings – depending on your timezone) together. You will have time between the workshops to apply further what we talked about in the workshop: a little bit of (voluntary) homework will also be part of the Deep Dive 2, which you will also be able to share during the workshop sessions and in the workshop hub. 


This workshop series is for you

  •  if you have attended Deep Dive 1 (a pre-requisite)
  • if you want further to deepen your repeat pattern and block printing skills.


Workshops will be recorded (in case you need to miss a session) and available as replays in the workshop hub for at least 3 months after the end of the workshop. 


Please note that this workshop is an advanced level workshop and only open for registration for Deep Dive 1 graduates.

This workshop will take place in English – for other workshops in English or German please visit the workshop page.


Upcoming Repeat Pattern Deep Dive 2 Workshops

How students describe the workshops

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Join from across the globe

I offer two workshop start times:

for Europe/Africa/North and South America: 7 pm CEST (Central European Summer time/ 6 pm BST/UK, 1 pm EDT/USA, 10 am PDT/USA)


for Europe/Africa/Asia and Australia/New Zealand: 9 am CEST (Central European Summer time/ 8 am BST/UK, 3 pm AWST) 

#SimplyBlockprinting – Repeat Pattern Deep Dive 2 (in English)

Live online workshop series with Ali of 3dottedpenguins

Duration: 3 sessions of 2 hours each

Location: online via the video call platform Zoom

Participants: limited to 10

Price: CHF 149 (roughly USD 168 /EUR 138, depending on exchange rate**)

Next workshops:

Date: Sundays, September 11, 18 & 25, 2022

Start: 9 am CEST* (8 am BST/5 pm AEST/7 pm NZST) 

suitable for Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia/New Zealand timezones

Date: Sundays, September 11, 18 & 25, 2022

Start: 7 pm CEST* (6 pm BST/UK, 1 pm EDT/10 am PDT/USA)

suitable for Europe/Africa/North & South America

Workshop in German

Date: Thursdays, September 15, 22 & 29, 2022

Start: 7 pm CEST

suitable for German-speakers

These are the last workshops of this kind in 2022. Further online classes will resume in 2023. Join the email listto get notified. 

All details like dial in link for Zoom call and list of materials needed (if you want to follow along) will be sent out after registration before the workshop takes place.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please send me a message


* Find out what time this is for you here. Effective time is in CET. All other times are given for reference only.

** Effective price is in Swiss Francs (CHF). Prices in other currencies are solely stated for reference and depend on exchange rate of the day. 

3dottedpenguins repeat pattern Deep dive 2 - live online block printing workshop series

Student work (from the workshops)

About your instructor

Hi, I’m Ali! I am a self-taught printmaker, surface designer and I am teaching you all about block printing and pattern design in my workshops. 


When I started block printing in summer of 2018 I did not have any previous carving or block printing experience and no understanding how patterns worked. Since then I carved block after block and have made countless prints and patterns. I love pattern play and always get super excited when I find a new way of combining and printing my blocks. Through that and from trial and error I have learned what works and what does not. 


In my workshops I am sharing what I have learned and also want to help you kickstart your block printing and pattern journey through sharing countless tips and tricks. I structure my workshops in a way that they are hands on and easy to follow. 


Over time, I have taught several hundred workshop participants from across the globe, from Switzerland to all over Europe, USA & Canada, South America, Near East, India, Australia and Southern Africa. I love to share my passion and spread the joy of block printing and pattern play with countless tips and tricks in my virtual block printing workshops. 


When I am not working on 3 Dotted Penguins you will find me chasing after my little printmaker, exploring the world (near and far) or ending the day over a good board game.  


3dottedpenguins Ali printmaker surfacedesigner blockprinting studio_0198

What former workshop participants say

What awaits you in the workshop

  • Hands-on virtual workshop series via video platform Zoom
  • Attend the workshop from the comfort of your home with a fully immersive experience through video and audio
  • Well-structured workshop with step-by-step instructions to easily follow along.
  • Continue to dive deep into the world of repeating patterns.
  • Deepen your block printing and pattern designs skills throughout the workshop and through the voluntary homework.
  • Extend your repeat pattern “portfolio” by working with the blocks you already have
  • Process of designing, carving and block printing different types of block shapes for repeat patterns
  • Live design, carving and printing demos
  • Opportunity to ask questions and show work progress anytime during the workshop. Receive feedback.
  • Upfront information by email such as materials list and additional details about the workshop (Zoom link etc.)
  • Supporting material such as work sheets and templates
  • An international group of participants (limited to 10 per workshop)
  • Access to the recording of the workshop for 3 months after the end of the workshop
3 Dotted Penguins Virtual block printing workshops
3 dotted penguins block printing workshops

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Do you want to spend a fun afternoon or evening with a group of friends, work colleagues or even a creative bachelorette’s party/hen’s night getting started with block printing? Are you interested in a custom private workshop (focusing on a topic of your choice)? 

Please get in touch with some details and I will be happy to tailor the offer according to your needs.

3 dotted penguins block printing workshops

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never block printed before or want to refresh the block printing basics, the “Intro to Block Printing” workshop is perfect for you. I will walk you through all the materials and steps needed for block printing. Most other workshops require basic block printing skills but you will be able to attend them right after an “Intro to Block Printing” workshop unless otherwise noted. 

You will find the required skill level with all workshop descriptions.

All workshops are delivered via the online video platform Zoom. I will present the workshop and do live demonstrations which you will be able to follow live via your computer or tablet device. As a workshop participant, you can unmute yourself anytime to ask questions or show your progress when working alongside me. 

Yes, workshops are recorded. You will receive access to the recording within a few days after the workshop. You will have access to the recording for private viewing via the private Workshop Hub for at least 3 months after the end of the workshop. 

When you sign up to a workshop you will receive a payment confirmation right away. Shortly after you will receive an email with all the materials needed for the workshop and further details about the workshop. Before the workshop you will receive the link to join the workshop via Zoom and often also a template/worksheet that will come in helpful during the workshop. A few days after the workshop you will receive access to the recording of your workshop via the private Workshop Hub. 

No. You can attend both, the “Intro to Repeat Patterns” workshop and the “Repeat Patterns Deep Dive 1” workshop series, with basic block printing skills. But you can also attend the “Repeat Patterns Deep Dive 1” after having done the “Intro to Repeat Patterns” workshop. We normally have a nice mix of participants in the Deep Dive 1 with different backgrounds and knowledge. 

The “Intro to Repeat Patterns” is for you if you want to learn the basics of block printed repeat patterns and carve your first repeat pattern in this 3-hour-workshop.

If you want to go more into the depth of repeat patterns, learn about different shapes and also improve your design, carving and block printing skills along the way, the  “Repeat Patterns Deep Dive 1” workshop series (3 sessions, 2 hours each) is perfect for you. You will profit from the community of other printmakers in the workshop and the homework you get to do between the live workshops. 

YES! The beauty of live online workshops is that you can watch and follow along from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in the world. I set up my workshops in a way that they cover as many timezones as possible. 


I generally offer two time slots for workshops in English:

  • Workshops in the European evenings, geared towards Europe/Africa (evening) and the Americas (daytime). A workshop starting at 6 pm or 7 pm CET (Central European Time) will take place during the afternoon of the US East coast and the morning of the US Pacific coast.
  • Workshops in the European mornings (often starting at 9 am CET, Central European Time) are geared towards Europe/Africa (morning), Asia and Australia/New Zealand (daytime/evenings).


I also offer workshops in German, timing varies. 

You absolutely can attend with a friend. Each workshop ticket is for one person. If you want to attend with a friend or a family member (even from the same room), please buy one ticket for each participant to the workshop, like you would do for an in-person workshop.

Generally you will need basic block printing supplies like lino-carving tools, soft carving material, ink pads or block printing ink and paper. A craft knife, a pencil and tracing paper will also come in handy. 

Shortly after you sign up for the workshop you will receive a detailed list with all materials needed. 

If you have any specific questions about tools or materials before signing up, please check out my free resource guide or send me a message with your specific question. 

All workshops are recorded. If you cannot attend a workshop you booked, you will receive access to the recording within a few days after the workshop (like all other workshop participants).  

You also have the option to name a person who will participate instead of you in the workshop and that way pass on the seat to them. 

Yes, I do offer custom and private workshops. If you want to have a private workshop for a group of friends or work colleagues or for yourself, please get in touch with me with your rough idea. 

The majority of workshops require at least basic block printing skills (except for the “Intro to Block Printing” workshops). If you are new to repeat patterns and want to get a first taste of block printing repeat patterns, the “Intro to Repeat Patterns” workshop is great for you. The “Repeat Patterns Deep Dive 1” series (and consequently also the follow up “Deep Dive 2” series) are perfect if you want to get your pattern skills, carving, design and printing skills to the next level. 

I regularly update the upcoming workshop dates here on Please join my newsletter to be notified about upcoming workshop dates and new workshops. 


If you are looking for European morning workshops, suitable for European, African, Asian and Australian/New Zealand timezones, please join the waitlist. (Please do not join the waitlist if you are looking for European evening workshops, which are suitable for Europe, Africa and the Americas.)


For workshops in German, please join the waitlist for German workshops.