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Carve December Online Class

I am super honored to be a guest teacher in Julie Balzer’s online class “Carve December: 31 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Carving, Printing, and Designing Custom Stamps” – a fun series of videos packed with tips and tricks from 11 different (guest) teachers.  

Julie is the founder of the monthlong #carvedecember challenge, which I actively participated in in previous years. The fun part: all guest teachers are former #carvedecember participants and the lessons are full of little tips and tricks on a variety of topics – also I enjoy going through the lessons to learn new tips & tricks from other printmakers.

The plus, the CarveDecember class is available all year round and comes with lifetime access to the 31 short video lessons. You can join anytime (no need to wait for December 🥳).

* Disclosure: I may receive a commission if you purchase the class through this link.  Here at 3dottedpenguins, I only recommend products or courses that I truly believe in and that are of interest to you – as in this case an online class that I participated in as a guest teacher. 

carvedevember teacher lineup
carvedecember class