UPDATE: All 1/many cards claimed.



UPDATE: All cards claimed! Thank you for your interest & support of the 1/many postcard charity project.

For the #oneofmanypostcard initiative, founded by printmaker John Pedder, artists around the globe offer mostly (postcard sized) prints to anyone interested for free (as long as prints are available). The recipients in return decide what the print would have been worth to them and donate that amount to a charity of their choice.

If you are willing to donate to a charity of your choice in return for one of the postcards above I would be delighted to send you one – please fill the form below. Postcards are given out on a first come first served basis. If you set your eyes on one of the postcards specifically please let me know (I can’t promise though as someone else might already have claimed it, in that case I would send you one of the other ones). 

Disclaimer: the Swiss Post currently does not send to all countries anymore – so if you live in one of the countries I currently can’t send to I would be happy to hold it for you until Swiss Post serves your country again (as a general rule of thumb: US and most European countries are fine, all other countries I need to check on a case by case basis).